Peace and Justice: Palestine/Israel

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A member of The 
Chicago Chapter of
Jewish Voice for Peace
(JVP) [formerly Not
My Name*] - I
encourage people to
help support a just
peace between Israelis
and Palestinians by
embracing a just 
resolution of the
conflict which is
based on equality and international law, and which respects the
common humanity of all Israelis and Palestinians. We refuse
to be enemies.

*We called ourselves “Not in My Name”
because the State of Israel often claims
to act in the name 
and interests of world 
Jewry, but these actions do not reflect
our Jewish values and beliefs. 

What we advocate:

• An end to Israel’s military occupation
of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East
and a complete withdrawal
from its settlements and occupation

 The removal of the illegal wall Israel
is erecting inside the West Bank; 

 An immediate end to collective
punishments (banned under
international law) and human rights
violations of Palestinian including
demolition of homes, arbitrary arrests,
torture, the 
closure and encirclement
of villages and communities, and an
end to the uprooting of trees and
travel restrictions; 

 The rights of Israelis and Palestinians
to full equality, with civil rights and
economic justice for all;

 An end to Israel’s [now 15]-year siege of Gaza; 

 A shared Jerusalem; a Middle East
free of nuclear weapons;

 A just resolution to the plight of
the Palestinian refugees; the applicability
of international law 
including the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
which states (Article 13-2) that “Everyone
has the right to leave any country,
including his own, and to return to his
country,” and UN Resolution 194,
reaffirmed annually since 1948, which
asserts the right of Palestinian
refugees to return;

 Freedom from violence and terror
for all people of the Middle East; we
condemn all acts of violence against
civilians, including attacks on Palestinians
by both the Israeli Defense Forces and
settlers, and by Palestinians on innocent
Israeli civilians. Neither can be justified
by any set of moral standards, and like
others in JVP-Chicago, I categorically
condemn such acts as criminal. 

 Equitable distribution of critical natural
resources, including water, oil, gas,
electric power; 

 The cessation of all US government aid
to Israel that serves to support its
occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza
Strip, and East Jerusalem. 


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How can I get involved??

Please contact us:

Phone: 312.409.4845

2906 Central St.,
PMB 206,  Evanston, IL 60201  


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